Technical Requirements

Everything we need to set up and run our activity

Flying Trapeze is an impressive activity involving some large and complex rigging. Please take a moment to read the following information that explains everything we need to set up and operate our equipment.

  • Flat area 25m by 40m.
  • We need to drive approximately 30 stakes into the ground to a depth of 1m. Grass is therefore best. We can operate on concrete and other surfaces - discuss this with us.
  • We need access to the site with our transit-sized van throughout the setup and take-down and in the morning and evening of each event day.
  • The boundary of our area must be protected with a barrier, which we ask the event organiser to provide. We recommend waist-height metal crowd barriers.
  • Our equipment must remain installed overnight and appropriate security is required to protect it.
  • We do not include lighting as standard. If you would like us to continue teaching after dark then we will need to discuss illuminating the equipment, and an appropriate electricity source will be required.
  • Setting up our equipment takes approximately one day, so we will need to arrive the day before the event to achieve this.
  • Taking down the equipment takes 3-4 hours and we will spend the morning of the day after the event doing this.